How I Work

My aim is to help you evaluate your life as it is currently, identify what is and isn't working, and help you enhance the positive and change the negative aspects of your life.

Guiding Beliefs and Values

A mosaic is made up of different size tiles, just as our lives are made up of different size priorities. A mosaic can be made of tiles that are broken or whole, just as we like certain aspects of ourselves, and aren't so fond of others. The goal is to make an overall picture that reflects who we are.

In a study of high-achieving women that we conducted, our research team learned a few important life lessons from women who "had it all":

  • Connection to the community and social support are crucial;
  • Whether in paid or volunteer work, or at home, you must follow your passion; and
  • Persistence and flexibility allow you to overcome obstacles in your path.

(Read the full study.)

My Approach

My goal is to help you craft a mosaic life that is beautiful to you. Rather than re-organize your current roles, which simply shuffles the mess from one side of the desk to the other, you need to evaluate your current roles for their quality, and then choose the ones that work and eliminate those that don't. When you can't eliminate a role that is negative, we'll work together to transform it, so that it has a less negative impact on your life.

Clarifying your values helps you define success on your own terms, and design a life that is consistent with them. The goal is to live your life based on your own terms, not those defined for you by the people or culture around you.

Multiple roles mean more stress, but they also promise a more satisfying life...

Others may recommend that you reduce your roles, or organize your time differently to decrease stress. Instead, I partner with you to ensure the roles you choose are the best ones for your highest quality of life.

And how does that work?

Increasing the number of quality things you do also increases your quality connections to others—people who share your concerns and values, and who can help with logistics like carpooling or providing extra hands for a volunteer task. A good experience in one area of your life often buffers bad experiences in another, and enjoying success boosts your self-esteem.


After coaching, you can identify the expectations that guide your current choices, so you can decide whether the choices really match your values. This allows you to explain, but not apologize for, your choices to the people in your life.

After our work together, you can evaluate whether an expectation is reasonable or even something you value. Your ability to draw clear boundaries with your family and friends, work colleagues, and community allows you to choose the roles that increase your quality of life, and eliminate those that drain you emotionally or physically.

Your ability to define success in your own terms—to develop and follow your own inner compass-lets you make decisions with clarity and focus, and eliminate the paralysis that results from over-analyzing each decision.

If this sounds like a plan that would make a difference in your life, please review the services I offer, or contact me to set up a time to talk.

Learn more about creating a mosaic life. Visit Your Mosaic Life, a monthly blog.

Beth's mosaic metaphor struck me as so much less frenetic than the terms we always hear.

Instead of "juggling" all our roles, Beth's idea of having different pieces, each in its own place, forming lovely artwork, inspires a calmer and more hopeful future.
Kerry Z., workshop participant