What They Say

Read what some of Beth's clients have to say about their experiences working to create their own Mosaic Life.

Melody S., workshop participant

As a presenter, Beth is knowledgeable, clever and confident. She has a nice balance between maturity and youthfulness. Her manner is such that she appeals to all ages. She has a great sense of humor. Because she's a mom times three and a psychologist, she had so much information to share, so much good advice to heed.

Her philosophy of a mosaic life affected all of us in the room. She acknowledged how important we were in our jobs, how important we are as moms, then gave us confidence that we can keep layering on things. It really felt as though she respected the time we've put in and our skills.

I left the Creating a Mosaic Life seminar with a spring in my step, more confident that I could do the projects ahead and with more energy for my family. Beth helped me realize what I can do because I looked at how much I had already accomplished.

Lynne S., coaching client

I was at a point where I was feeling stuck on a lot of issues. I had difficulty making decisions about childcare and how to prioritize things, how to balance work and family. Also, on a day-to-day basis I wasn't keeping things organized. What I felt Beth really did was to give me strategies for making decisions. She helped me to identify the right questions to ask so that I could figure out what the priorities were.

She actually talked me through the scheduling process. She listed all the things I had to do—she wrote it all down—we noted my available time and then plugged in all the pieces.

I tried working on these issues on my own, but it didn't really work. I really needed to move forward, and Beth helped me do that. It definitely is worth the time investment and dollar investment.

Kerry Z., workshop participant and coaching client

As a presenter, Beth was terrific, upbeat, fun, informal, focused, well-prepared and able to move things along productively. She is smart as a whip and strikes me as able to make smart assessments and wise recommendations. She presents more than just abstract, feel-good stuff. Instead, you come away with concrete and useful ideas.

Beth's Mosaic metaphor struck me as so much less frenetic than the terms we always hear. Instead of "juggling" all our roles, Beth's idea of having different pieces, each in it's own place, forming lovely artwork, inspires a calmer and more hopeful future. The Creating a Mosaic Life seminar was a catalyst to my revisiting my goals and dreams and remembering change is not only possible but is the basis of human experience.

Joanie S., presentation participant

The main theme flowing through her presentation is taking care of yourself, to take time for yourself so that you can care for other people. Beth helps you to prioritize the things in life that are important to you and to ensure the things you choose to take on are good for you. Now, before I say yes to something, I stop and think about how it fits in the whole picture of my life.

Beth has been the kickoff presenter in the Limmud Likhvod Lee Fishman Lecture Series for several years now. Her presentation on the Mosaic Life fosters a sense of community among parents. We're lucky to have her as an 'internal' resource. I'd recommend her to other centers or community groups. She helps people put their lives in perspective in a non-threatening way. She helps them think through their priorities in a positive way.

While her presentation is very helpful for the parents at my early childhood center, I also think it fits for any age group. Teens, young singles, parents, seniors—we can all benefit from putting our priorities in order if we are stressed. Her presentations are ageless.

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