Is this you?

Do you want to fully enjoy your time with your children, maintain healthy and loving relationships with your spouse and friends, and contribute to your community? Has your work life changed dramatically as your family has changed? Do you need to be reminded that self-care is vital?

Do you sometimes feel like...

  • "What's the point to my working? Someone is always sick or the schools are closed. I'm always scrambling to get coverage and also get my work done. Why do I even try?"
  • "I studied for years to get my degree, and now I've put it on the shelf to stay home with my children. I don't want to miss out on this time with them when they're young, but I also don't want to lose my place in the world of work. What can I do to stay in the game, and still be home with my kids?"
  • "Everybody wants a piece of me—my kids, my husband, the people at my church. My life feels so frenetic. I move from fire to fire, putting them out as I go. I want to actually move toward something in an organized way, although right now I can't imagine what that would be."
  • "My life will be very different in a few years when my kids are both in college, and I don't want to be crying over my empty nest. How can I feel positive enough about my own life that this change doesn't feel like a huge loss?"
  • "I have work and then I have my son. Having time with a friend is like a drug I crave."

You can learn how to integrate the roles in your life without feeling stressed out and lost. I can help you find your own standards, your own compass, to guide you through parenting and the workplace, through your relationships, and your work in the community.

My ideal clients...

For our work together to be successful, it's best if you are:

  • Motivated to make change in your life
  • Interested in contributing to the world around you
  • Self-motivated and able to do homework assignments between sessions
  • Willing to take responsibility for what you can change, and also recognize and accept your own limitations

If this sounds like you, learn more about how I work...

I was feeling stuck on a lot of issues. I had difficulty making decisions about how to balance work and family. After working with Beth, I definitely feel more in control and organized. When I'm thinking about the things I have to get done, I feel less anxious and more aware. I can make decisions by first figuring out my main priority and then working the other issues around it.
Lynne S., coaching client